Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Goal

Little Black Dress
Photo by Karen at French Skinny

Oh how I would like to say that my goal was something more than this little dress. That I could rise above all the ridiculous ideals that have been stamped into my brain from the age of 12. That I could scream from the rooftop, I am the hope! The way! Your Oprah!!!!!

I would like to, but I can not. Because I long to fit into this dress. This idea someone I don't know sewed together and threw on a hanger.

A part of me hates that, but the other 95% of me wants to put on a push up bra, zipper this sucker up and head out for a night of fun and frolic. It makes me giddy to think of it. Breathless almost.

Which is silly because the idea of it has almost always surpassed the actual night.
I have a whole photo album of "getting ready for the party" photos.

What I see in those photos is a me that has accepted the inevitable: This night will probably be really boring but maybe, just maybe it won't and I'm hanging on to the anticipation, the possibilities and the dreams. So zip me up and get out of my way......or join me!

Just know that I'm kind of old now so it might be a little awkward wearing short black tight while getting into the car when it's still light out. We will be the super hot ones eating the early bird special, and the night will be over by.....9:00 at the latest. If I wear these 4 inch heels it will take at least 3 days to recover and there may be bandaids involved. But hey, let's do this thing and party on!



  1. I think that a LBD is a great goal, and incentive. There's nothing wrong with that.

    So I'm sure you fit in it, right? May we see photos? ;)

  2. Thanks Karen! Okay. I'm going to call my friend and have him shoot some photos.
    It fits!


  3. We definitely want photos. You are going to look smashing in that dress. I'm old now too. I've got to get my rest. No late nights. Laugh.



  4. But do you still have that 12" cigarette holder to complete the look? (I have those photos!)

  5. I lost that holder sometime in the 90's! I love those photos!!!!!!