Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Bun Bun

The Easter Bun Bun
Photos by Karen at French Skinny

My Neighbor Wife and her Hubby rescued this cute little bunny a few weeks ago. Their little 5 year old daughter, Ballerina Girl, and my 4 year old have given bunny a few different names. So far she's been called: Bun Bun, Daisy Flowers, Jewels, Jewelry Girl, Snow Bunny, Snowflake, Monkey Boo Boo, Sneaky Pete, Giraffe, Sweet Bunny and Fluffy. It seems that Bun Bun is the current favorite.

I swear I'm not into dressing up animals but I had this idea about putting a tutu on Bun Bun, and making her my Easter Bunny post.

I don't have a lot of experience with shooting bunnies but how hard could it be?

I mean look at her. She's so perfect!
Yeah. I got exactly 2 pictures that didn't look like these.

Where ya going Bun Bun?

But this is fun!

Bun Bun is so dramatic!

I promise not to put Bun Bun through any more crazy photo shoots.
But I will give her lots of treats.

Happy Easter!

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