Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bon Freakin Appetit, Baby!

Karen - Day 120 - Burbank

Dinner was at Smacksy's house

Today my head was still buzzing with excitement about my French Skinny Epiphany.

I'm remembering what Shaboom told me at lunch one day.

"I usually only eat this much (she holds out her fist) a couple times a day. I'm full, and after that why would I keep eating? In France, people are served about a fourth of what American's are served. And in France, people have no problem leaving food on their plates when they're full."

Sometimes a person can be told something over and over but then they hear it from someone else and it finally makes sense.

I get it now.
It's not a diet or walking 8 miles a day or doing 80 flights of stairs.
It's so simple.
How do skinny people effortlessly stay skinny? It takes only 3 days to reset the "full" button and realize that you only "taste for flavor" for 2 to 4 bites of food. (Try it. Really pay attention. The first bite is divine. The second bite is good. The third bite is okay and by the 4th bite my mind is drifting.)

I watched Shaboom eat WHATEVER she wanted. She didn't count calories. She doesn't care about dieting. She doesn't even understand the diet mentality. She just got used to French Skinny portions and when she's full she stops. But when she does eat, she pays attention to it and enjoys it.

Breakfast was coffee, one poached egg and a piece of bacon. (I'm full.)

The lunch bell went off in my head but, when I really paid attention, realized I wasn't hungry. So I didn't have lunch.

Dinner was at Smacksy's house that night. I ate whatever I wanted. I knew I would be full and only "taste for flavor" after a few bites so I chose carefully and with passion.

I was eating like a skinny person for the first time.

I was completely full.

I knew I would never have to diet again.

I was eating the French Skinny way.

Bon Freakin Appetite, Baby!!!


  1. "I chose carefully and with passion" -- I love that!!

    You'll be in those France Pants in no time! Well, I bet you're already in them by *now*. ;-)

  2. I'm going to try it...I'm so excited!

  3. This is genius and I'm going to try!!!!

  4. I love this. Something else to consider - Buddhist monks try to be 'mindful' of eating, meaning they make a conscious choice to chew their food some 30 times - as opposed to wolfing things down like we tend to do in the west. I guess faster and bigger ain't always better.

  5. One eats in holiness and the table becomes an altar.

  6. I love this.
    I love what Anonymous said too.

  7. This is so helpful and well-distilled. Thank you! I found you through Ms. Moon's page.



  8. smacksy always sets a pretty table.....