Saturday, December 18, 2010


Karen - Day 128 - Burbank, CA

Photo By Karen at French Skinny

Today 4 and I walked to the park, ran around playing superheroes and ran home for lunch. I run because he runs. I can't wait to make lunch. We both have some baguette with ham and cheese, grapes and sparkly water. Then we walk to the store for a few supplies.

Dinner is spaghetti with a sauce I made from Grandma Dee's tomatoes. The usual garlic, onions, fresh thyme, rosemary, basil and a little red pepper flakes for a kick. Parmesan on top. That's a ramekin on top of a salad plate. I have to tell you that I love pasta and even though I was full I could have eaten 3 more of these but today I didn't. Why? Is it because I knew I would be writing about it? I'm so happy the plateau is over I want to keep it going? Or I know it takes 6 weeks to really get used to a new habit? Maybe all of it.
Pasta is in that kryptonite category for me along with chips and salsa.

Photo by Karen at French Skinny

"The anticipation of a delicious meal is now joyful."

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  1. Pasta is my kryptonite, too. I totally get it.

    Happy holidays!