Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'll Have Fries With That!

I fell in love with these guys.

I made the mistake of drinking black coffee for breakfast.
It's too harsh for me now that I'm eating French Skinny portions.
Tomorrow I'm back to the tea.

A leaf hanging in midair.

4 had a play date with his buddy. Afterwards, we went to a diner for lunch.

A real jukebox.

I can't order French Skinny portions, so I ordered a giant cheeseburger with fries and a to go container.

It felt a little funny at first but I didn't want to be staring at all that extra food on my plate. And I don't feel French enough to just let them throw it away.

I'm amazed at how full I am on half a cheeseburger and four fries.

When we got home, 4 gave himself a 2 hour nap. He woke up and we both wanted ice cream.

His favorite, mint chocolate chip.

I ordered a kids one scoop chocolate fudge.

This was dinner. Sweet potato fries dipped in mayo.

I actually ate more today than I have for the last few days and feel a little uncomfortably full. I have totally changed my "normal full feeling" in 3 days and after 2 or 3 bites I don't really "taste for flavor" anymore.

Today's motto:
"I'll have fries with that!"


  1. I'm glad you're finding the way you can do this. But I have a question:

    Where are the vegetables? A salad? Green leafy things? All those nutrients and anti-oxidants are missing from what I see in your recent posts.

    No one gets fat on vegetables which are fresh or steamed or grilled. The French prepare vegetables beautifully. The fiber in them really helps to control appetite and weight.

    And yes, sweet potatoes are a vegetable. But fried? You're recommending this?

    BTW, exercise is an excellent way to assist in weight loss and control weight for long term health. It builds muscle mass which burns more calories than fat. It burns calories. It increases metabolism.

    Any time I have begun exercising more, the scales have increased, sometimes for as long as 8 weeks. This is due to an exchange of muscle for fat (muscle weighs more) and increase in inflammation in the muscles (which means water weight). At 8 weeks, the water flushes out, and I drop all the weight I gained, plus some.

    And I'm skinnier. :-)

    So one week of increased exercise should yield an increase of 1-2 pounds. But it's fluid in muscles that have been working hard.

  2. Dear Cassandra Frear,
    I just want to say that everything you have said is true.
    And I'm not recommending anything.
    This is not a diet. It is only a blog about my friend, Shaboom, who lost 65 pounds in 6 months by not doing anything except living the French lifestyle and me trying to find that in my life.
    I will tell you that Shaboom doesn't eat many vegetables either. And the doctor I talked to said he has obese people come to him all the time saying they only eat salads.
    Also the sweet potato fries are baked not fried. But I'm sure the fries in the diner were fried. Although I only ate a few of them.

    This experiment came about after I had done a half marathon and was bigger than I had ever been.

    Exercise is wonderful for your health but, for me, too much just makes me bigger.

    Once again, I'm not recommending anything and this is not a diet. I'm trying to find a lifestyle in which I will never have to diet again.

    Thanks for commenting!
    Karen at French Skinny

  3. Karen,

    I have enjoyed your posts very much, and I am rooting for your success.

    I want you to find your way in all of this.

    But you lost me with the lack of fruits and vegetables. I want you to be healthy AND thin AND enjoy your life. I apologize if I seemed confrontational in my last comment. I was just giving you an honest and unedited reaction.

    You are absolutely right about portion control, by the way. Ultimately, as I'm sure you know, weight is a matter of calories consumed versus calories burned. At the same time, some folks just have higher metabolisms and some others gain and retain weight more readily. This has been scientifically proven.

    Still, I don't think a salad or two would hurt you, as long it's not loaded with high fat dressing or toppings! Cucumber, anyone?

    (Have a joyful holiday season. I wish you all the success you deserve in your venture.)

  4. Cassandra,
    There's no reason to apologize!
    I knew there would come a time when this would get a little controversial.
    I welcome all honest dialogue:)

    Thank you so much for rooting for my success.

    I just want you to know that I'm not taking out fruits and vegetables or anything! I'm just eating what I love that day. It just worked out that way on Day 123.

    I'm also not counting calories. I've just gotten used to French Skinny portions.
    I know it's a mindy bender.


  5. The French (and the Italians) do eat more vegetables than we do, but they tend to make them more appetizing and yet more simply prepared at the same time - as opposed to the American classic "junk-food negating" giant salad, which oftentimes has to be covered with unhealthy dressing, cheese and butter croutons just to make it palatable. They're just depressing after a while.

    Not to contradict what Cassandra is saying - I think an apple or some berries thrown in would only be a boon to this way of eating - but it's important to look at what you're eating over a period of time rather than try to fit in a, b, and c every day. I think it's more about observation and detecting one's own sense of balance more than exerting tighter control.

  6. I like the sweet potatoe fries dipped in mayo...it doesn't get better than that...FOR DINNER! I think it's all a matter of what works for you. And I'm all for cutting my portions to French Skinny style. I did Atkins 4 years ago, consumed TONS of food, and lost 40 lbs, which I kept off for 2 years. It just doesn't work for me now. Just like walking 5 miles and 80 flights of stairs didn't work for you...you did it for so long; if the water was going to flush out, it would have happened by now! Keep on with the journey...I'm right there with ya!

  7. I really loved the picture of the leaf.. that is true art, my skinny, artist friend!