Monday, January 9, 2012

Bikram Yoga. Day 2

This photo has nothing to do with Bikram Yoga.
It's just a bunch of stuff my little guy collected and threw on the table.

Bikram Yoga. 
Day 2

"Karen, if you feel sore tomorrow you should definitely come in and do another day."


The day after Day 1 of Bikram Yoga I was feeling muscles and things I forgot I had.  Like cleaning out your closet and finding awesome boots, rhinestone jewelry and a prom dress you'll never need.........kind of.   Anyway, I ponied up, threw on my running shorts (soooo 2 years ago) and a sports bra. 

(Intense heat makes you increasingly immodest regarding clothes. I may be a nudist by February.)

It was actually cold and foggy that morning so I welcomed it into my soul. (Knowing I would be pining for a popsicle in a few minutes.)

The second day wasn't so hideous difficult. Maybe because I knew what to expect. Maybe because I wasn't wearing very much. I don't know. 

My only goal is to stay in the room.

I stayed in the room. 

This may be the only goal this year regarding Bikram Yoga. 
I may never touch my toes, twist my body into a pretzel or do anything perfectly. But, by God, I will stay in that freaking room.

When my perky 20 something tiny little yoga instructor said we should clear our minds and get rid of anything that doesn't serve us, the only thing that came to mind was sneaking in an ice pack  next class. Where to hide it would be the problem......

Ice pack mule.

Namaste my friends. 
Happy Monday.



  1. hubby is inventive, right? get him to craft an extra thick yoga mat with ice-packs built in. problem solved ...sort of.

  2. Excellent idea. Working on the blueprints now.


  3. LMAO...I can see it sliding across the floor four minutes into class a's your "yoga mat" disintegrates.

  4. Hmmmm that would probably disrupt the class a little bit.......Maybe I could sew some into my running shorts.
    Working on blueprints.