Monday, January 2, 2012

I Love A Parade

White Cheddar, Parmesan, Green Onion and Habonero Pepper Omelet.

 Watching the Rose Parade is a tradition for me. Having it the day after New Year's Day is going to throw me off for the whole year. But seeing as it's only January 2nd, I'm trying to go with the freaking flow. (Ahem)

The Dream: Astonish the guys with a gorgeous breakfast while we sit around watching the parade together. They will smile warmly at me while they eat their delightful breakfast I made with love.

What really happened: As soon as the bacon started cooking 5 starts yelling "Bacon! Bacon! May I have bacon mom? Please? Now? I need it!" I explain that we are all going to watch the parade together. He and Hubby exchange looks like I'm crazy. 5 offers me actual cash to watch a kid's show, they eat  breakfast so fast I don't think they tasted it then went in the back room to watch Star Trek.

In the spirit of going with the freaking flow I sit alone watching the parade and writing.

 New Year's Eve Day my girlfriends and I got together at Jen's. She made these lovely spinach and cheese yummies and an amazing dish of grits with cheese and an egg on top. (I forgot to take a picture of that before I ate it.)

Happy Day 2 of 2012. Here's to going with the Freaking Flow.



  1. it seems unnatural to read about you going with the freaking flow. but i like it...

  2. Hubby doesn't believe it. But it's true.


  3. i need the" go with the flow" mantra/action plan too- it's just so darn hard to let go...shaking just thinking about it-Happy New Year to all!