Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bikram Yoga

You know when you say things out loud you didn't even know you were thinking about? That happened last week. (The first year of the new year, how cliche of me.....But cliche is a French word, No?)

5 and I were on a walk with our neighbors. We were off to Starbucks for my new favorite  drink, Skinny Peppermint Mocha Latte, when I said "I'm going to do Bikram Yoga at least once a week this year." My sweet neighbor said "Oh great! I'll do it with you." And a New Year's Resolution was born.

I sort of forgot about it, because I'm going with the freaking flow this year and there's been a LOT of Lego building since Christmas. But my neighbor is very organized. She researched the different locations around Burbank and came up with 3 choices. We picked one and went to our very first class this morning.

Now, I had been hearing about this crazy yoga experience for awhile now. I knew it would be hot and probably a little hard. I dusted off my yoga mat, brought a towel and some water. Put on my yoga pants, tank top, grabbed my friend and headed over.

I think I may have subconsciously been just a teensy bit nervous because I got us lost 3 times before we found it. (I don't get lost) Anyhoo, I signed up for one month of unlimited yoga at a minimal price and headed into the room.

The instructor was very sweet as she said "It's your first time so take lots of breaks. Your only goal is to "stay in the room". Even if you just sit there for an hour and a half. Just stay in the room."


As I walked in, I was hit by a wall of heat reminiscent of the last heat wave of summer. You know, the kind you try to get out of as fast as you can? Peer pressure is a magical thing so I acted like this was all normal and spread my mat and towel out with my water bottle in just the right spot.

Then she came in and turned the heat on.

There were 32 people in class.

The room was 105 degrees.

I haven't officially "worked out" in a year and a half.

The room was 105 degrees.

I was overdressed.

One person in class had to leave to hurl.

I took many breaks.

I am not bendy.

The room was 105 degrees.

I stayed in the room for the entire hour and a half.

When we were done I was never happier to go outside in 75 degree weather.

I came home, took a much needed shower and tried to figure out why I want to do this again.

The rest of the day I felt delightfully relaxed or exhausted or both I don't know but I loved it.
I'm completely hooked and going again tomorrow.

Let the New Year's Resolutions begin!


  1. Shaboomy, do they have this crazy yoga in Paris and have you ever done it?


  2. i hate yoga with a passion. i'm a pilates girl. so no, i've only ever done hatha and kundalini, not bikram. but you know robin harrington is a bikram addict. maybe you can join her when she's back from buenos aires.

    yes, they have this version of hell in paris. so if you come visit, you don't have to go back on your new year's resolution.

  3. GOOD FOR YOU!! -you went with the flow and stayed in the room- yes!!!never have done this-i am always hot so it probably wouldn't be a good mix oh and i am a sweater-keep us posted please.

  4. This is funny! I haven't experienced Bikram yet but I love Hatha yoga...not sure your post has convinced me to venture out but thanks for the laughs! Good luck!