Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Les Soldes

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris, France :

Living in the US, you may take for granted all the different retail sales that take place at any given time of the year. In Paris, there is a winter sale and a summer sale. Period. So if you're shopping in December or in June and you buy something ANYTHING you will surely regret it the following month when you see the same item for 70% less. Man that burns!

The sales here are always in the months of January and July. And for some reason, it's not all month long. I don't know who acts as the god of retail rules but I hope he dies soon as I'd like to take his job.

Today marks the first day of the winter sales so SexySultry and I braved the crowds in our heavy winter coats and scarves. That was our first mistake. It was an unseasonably warm 50 degrees today on top of the body heat of eleventeen billion people all cramming into tiny little french shops.

We were reduced to taking off our sweaters and outerwear which we then had to carry around in addition to the weight of our purchases and our handbags. I felt like I was weightlifting for 8 straight hours. (Yes, I spent 8 hours shopping today. It was like a marathon. Cashew would be so proud.)

We were out for the sole purpose of finding warm winter boots for SexySultry as I am subjecting her to offered her a plane ticket to join me in Scandinavia next month to visit my parents. She didn't find anything that was perfect so we ended up buying tons of other crap neither of us needs. Big surprise.

In the process, we have decided that it's time to start changing her look. She think she dresses like a nun. She wants to dress more like a fun-loving rock star. I am taking on the challenge and am becoming her style guru. Yay, how fun!!

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  1. I want to see pictures of your Paris Fashion purchases!
    The nun thing never really worked for me either.