Monday, January 23, 2012

Hot Yoga

Party Time!

I just finished my 6th Bikram Yoga class. I've had 4 different teachers and done them at different times. Here's what I've learned so far.

1. I'm much stronger in the morning than the afternoon.

2. It's freaking HOT in there. But it's getting easier to take because I know what to expect.

3. I need 2 bottles of Smart Water. (One bottle cold and one bottle FROZEN)

4.  I need one yoga mat and a bunch of towels.

5. A giant beach towel because I'm tall.

6. 2 more towels to sit on when I get in the car.

7.  (And most important) A little hand towel. Why? Aha! When I get to class I get the towel wet then wrap it around my frozen Smart Water. Just when I can't take the heat anymore I put the cold towel on my face and it's like heaven.  ( I'm pretty sure this is illegal yoga behavior)

8. I'm completely addicted to this yoga. I feel so fantastic the rest of the day.

9. Party Time in Bikram yoga means we get to take a sip of water.

I was telling my brother, The Sgt. Major, about my new Hot yoga. I was explaining how hot it was for 90 minutes! I have to sip Smart Water and smuggle in a frozen one just to get through. Can you imagine?! I asked him. Can you imagine the heat?! He was strangely quiet for a few seconds when it suddenly dawned on me. Of course he can imagine the heat! He fought in Iraq and Vietnam!!!

I'm an idiot. And it brings the whole thing into perspective. Doesn't really seem all that hard compared to that, now does it?

He thought it was pretty funny and now we joke about how HARD my hot yoga is. I love him. He's the best brother ever.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.



(Smart Water is not paying me I just like it:)

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