Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leek & Cauliflower Risotto

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris, France :

OMG people. It's the new year. It seems like just yesterday I was on a year-long trip around the world with Cashew and all of a sudden I woke up this morning realizing not only did my birthday, Christmas and New Years pass by me in a flash, but it's 2012! Crap! I mean, YAY! Right?

Resolutions? I think I'm going to go with the one I made last year. Due to my amnesia from the accident the previous year, I'm pretty sure it was June before I could remember what that resolution was. I kept walking around in a fog knowing I'd made a really good, attainable new year's resolution but what was it again??? DRINK MORE WATER. (Actually, to be honest it should be DRINK WATER. PERIOD.) So far this year I have drunk a liter a day which compared to maybe 8oz a month last year (if you count accidental ingestion when showering and brushing teeth) is quite an accomplishment.

Also, I am thinking about trying to vary my skills in the kitchen (now that Obsessed! is no longer around to tease me with his tantalizing culinary creations.) I can't serve my lethal quinoa recipe each and every meal, can I? No. I can't. That's a definite negative. Too many marriage proposals.

So my first attempt was Monday when I made a leek and potato soup with corn, turkey, tomatoes, noodles and 2 different kinds of cheese - Parmesan and Boursin. It was damn good if I have to say so myself.

My second attempt was last night when I made a pork medallion dish with pasta and veggies for SexySultry. I actually included one of my enemies (mushrooms) because she loves them so much. Dinner was delicious, according to my wife, but not very pretty so I chose not to take a picture.

Once I'm able to tear myself away from rewatching the JJ Abrams series Alias with SexySultry, maybe I'll get my ass over to the market to buy ingredients for my next attempt. Leek & Cauliflower Risotto (but with parsley, not coriander - enemy numero uno.) I can't wait. For the risotto. Alias too.

We just started season two when Lena Olin comes on the scene as Jennifer Garner's mother. I WANT TO BE A SEXY SPY WITH LOTS OF WIGS AND GIVE OUT ASS-KICKINGS BECAUSE IT'S MY JOB!

I found the recipe and borrowed this photo from a gorgeous blog that I love reading called fresh365. Her photography is brilliant and the recipes are inspiring. To try this at home CLICK HERE for instructions.

*images borrowed from the internet*

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  1. 2 really amusing posts as usual...hey what ever happened to obsessed?!stay well and happy everything once again!

  2. That risotto looks fantastic!
    Water......that reminds me, I have to drink more water.


  3. Sounds yummy. Love hearing from Paris. Miss Karen though but love that you are writing so much.

  4. G - randomly enough, he called me tonight. oh lordy.


    SFC - thanks!