Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris, France :

Since the French are such a romantic bunch, the Mayor's office advertised a few weeks ago about a submission contest that would get your love note put up in lights on one of their many information signs scattered throughout the city.

Today they're popping up all over for everyone to see.

To see more, CLICK HERE.

***Images borrowed from the Internet***

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  1. this is just wonderful....and by the way all posts from the previous days have been MOST ENJOYABLE...by the way how was the concert friday night...always wanted to go to one of them...so far no go maybe next trip-to you and your blog partner and all the readers HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! may love- true love and friendship surroun all of us-this day and EVERY DAY after!

  2. Thanks G!

    The concert was beautiful but 54 martini's got stuck at the office finishing a big project proposal for some American subsidiary and was a no show. He tried to invite me to dinner a few times since then but I'm staying radio silent. If he would start off by apologizing, then maybe this would be a different story! But seeing as how I only attract Type A men who are never wrong and therefore never apologize, I don't see that happening. So the 54 martini chapter is closed. NEXT!