Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Salon du Bien Être

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris, France :

This Sunday I went to what is referred to as a conference, trade show or convention in English. It is called a salon in French. Sounds so chic, non? When I got off the metro and went above ground, it was snowing!

Had I checked the weather forecast, I may have decided to wear boots instead of Chuckie T's. But it didn't occur to me since it almost never snows in Paris, and even when it does, it melts on the ground due to the warmth generated in the underground train system.

I took this photo from the tram platform somewhere in the 15th arrondissement.

The Salon du Bien Être attracts lots of people interested in alternative medicine and all things organic. You can buy stones to help you express yourself and ward off negative energy, like blue calcedony. You can buy a €3,000 mattress made of organic bamboo and what-not. You can test and take home reflexology sandals... you get the picture.

It's totally not my bag, baby. But SexySultry is into that kind of thing so...

At one stand, she was tasting a chestnut tree pollen that is supposed to have some sort of properties to help you combat fatigue. Apparently she's allergic to this kind of pollen and started to swell up like a balloon. Her ears were itching, her eyes watering and her throat started to close. Some yoga guru person in a white turban guided her over to a magic man with magnets or something who healed her through Reiki without touching her. She said it felt like an intense heat up and down the right side of her back. He told her she was afraid of something and that it had to due with men. But regardless, she might want to stay away from the chestnut pollen. Pretty crazy new-wave stuff, people.

Anyway, I thought I'd share since I know Karen's always trying to get me to open my mind to what I call the "hippy-dippie bullshit."

While SexySultry and her mom were testing all sorts of organic cosmetics and going for a spin in the massage area, I wandered off to the French (non-organic, anti-hippie) bakery, Paul, and got myself a chocolate croissant. Now everyone is happy!

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  1. I love it. I try to balance the hippie dippie whoo ha with baked goods.


    1. I might stay away from chestnut pollen AND men !
      And I love the pains au chocolat from Paul as much as hippy-dippie bullshit... and I could eat the one waiting for you in the kitchen if I was a bitch ;)

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog... And I'm reading through it, thinking I miss France! I love, love Paul :)