Thursday, December 2, 2010

Everything looks a little brighter

Karen - Day 121- Burbank, CA

Everything looks a little brighter.

Pot of tea for breakfast......Just not hungry.

Lunch: A baguette with Momma's tomatoes, some cheese and water.

Hubby made BBQ ribs and stuffed chili peppers for dinner.
This is my portion.
I spot raised eyebrows from Hubby.

Which leads me to my next hurdle.

"Other people's idea of a healthy portion."

My sister, Tammy, who has always been one of my spiritual guides, reminded me of this quote.

"One eats in holiness and the table becomes an altar."

How Beautiful.


  1. So glad you had your epiphany. I had mine this summer. I was having back problems (degenerative disc) and had to totally stop working out (except for some physical therapy exercises) for about 4 months. Freaked out about not working out, I watched my portion sizes and ate reasonably heathly foods. To my amazement, I actually lost a couple of pounds (I'm not overweight to begin with). I'm back to working out again but just for 20 minutes a day. I discovered that I don't need to kill myself working out hard because it only made me hungrier and frustrated. Now I'm so much happier.

  2. It makes much sense. I tend to substitute tea for lunch many days, because I'm not really hungry and I really just want an excuse to sit down and relax (the tea works well for that).

    Also, Americans have these massive dinner plates...if your stomach is approximately the size of a large grapefruit, how are you supposed to fit a meal that's covering 14" of dinner plate in there? I use dessert-sized plates most of the time, and it really helps put things in perspective.

    btw those ribs look really good. :-)

  3. everything looks a little brighter...