Friday, January 14, 2011


Shaboom writes to us from Paris, France...

I've been a major blogging slacker lately. But it's not my fault, I swear! Um... there is my broken shoulder,

the increased amount of travel in my life lately,

the amount of snow we got over the holidays...

Also, I'm dealing with ridiculous internet problems at home,

So this message is brought to you from SexySultry's french computer. I hate French keyboards.
And there is no English spell check. Grrr...

I zish thqt it could just be spring qgqin soon qnd thqt the rqin in Pqris zould stop;

Do you see what I mean?



  1. The last time Nipper and I were in Paris, we rented an apartment, and used their computer to write emails. OMG I HATE French keyboards. It would take me so long to type.

  2. Poor Shaboomy. That shoulder xray hurts me.


  3. Sorry about your shoulder. :( I have had two completely frozen shoulders (at different times) shoulder surgery and physical therapy for two years. Not fun, I feel your pain---like seriously feel your pain. Hang in there!

  4. So sorry to hear about your shoulder...and all of that snow...holy cow! No thank you...nice to visit...not to live in. I will keep my sunny CA winters.