Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mija's here!

Photos by Karen at French Skinny

"Mija's here!"

My other sister, Mija, (pronounced Maya) arrived today and brought this rainbow. She lives in the Carolinas and once a year she comes for a visit. Which means we all go to Momma's house for a week long pajama party of late every night talking, eating and playing games. Grandma Dee has not one, but two sofa beds. This is an amazing invention to my son.

"Mom, it's a couch that turns into a bed."

"I know, Honey."

"Mom! It's a couch that turns into a bed...... Are you kidding me?...... That's awesome!"

I never really thought of it before, but it is pretty awesome.

Grandma Dee made her Teriyaki Chicken.


And Coleslaw.

Mija looked at me sideways when she saw the French Skinny portions I was eating and we had a long talk about it. Then, Mija, Tammy, the Sgt. Major and I talked about everything else until midnight. Grandma Dee sat in the rocking chair with 4 for hours. He fell asleep in her arms and later, he slept in the bed that was also a couch.

The end of a perfect day.


  1. How long did it take YOU to reset your stomach? I mean, weren't you hungry the first day you started eating smaller portions?

    I tried today but found myself ravenous. And then it ain't pretty when I get over-hungry...


  2. I was already eating small portions so to go a little smaller wasn't really a big deal. If I had gone from the portions I stared with to the portions I eat now I think there would have been a problem. The only real change was that I don't really eat breakfast or any snack.

    Just remember that it only takes 3 days. After that it's your new normal.


  3. That's the problem...getting through three...whole...days! :D

  4. Hi Karen! How about if you take pictures of then and now portion size ..pretty please(batting eyelashes)??

  5. Anonymous, that is a wonderful idea! I will work on it.


  6. small portions is so hard but soooo worth it!