Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 146 from France:

Shaboom writes to us from Paris, France...

I know I was bad about posting last week. My apologies.

Moving on.

There is a ferris wheel in Paris at La Place de la Concorde which has recently changed its name to La Roue de Paris. That's a shame really as it used to be called La Roue d'Excellence, The Wheel of Excellence. I mean, how cool is that?!

So SexySultry and I decided that since neither of us has ever experienced the excellence of this ferris wheel, we couldn't die happy without going for at least one spin. It was a very cold Sunday, probably not the best conditions in which to hoist yourself high into the (extremely windy) skies above Paris, but we put on our best tourist faces and stood in line for over a half hour to pay a small fortune for this pleasure.

Here are some of my iPhone snaps from the ride.

We had fun but now we understand why this amusement is no longer boasting excellence in its name.

I'm just saying...

The hot chocolate we had to warm us up at a nearby café afterwards, however, was indeed excellent.


  1. How beautiful! I want hot chocolate now.


  2. i've been on that ferris wheel, but the last time I went it wasn't there! I wonder if it is only there in the winter? - Jenn

  3. The line at the café was a zoo but it was worth it. Amazing hot chocolate!

    Jenn -
    Click on the Ferris Wheel link to see the story...

  4. --Oh, that makes sense, as I was there for the Millennium celebration. Hm, now it needs to stay put until I get there in July!