Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An American In Paris

Shaboom writes to us from Paris, France...

Keri from My Year Started Tuesday Night came to Europe for a business trip and took the time out of her busy schedule to visit little old moi in Paris for 12 hours this weekend.

We sent taunting emails to Marija about all the tasty macaroons we were eating.

She blogged about it HERE on My Mom's A Nerd.

She also wrote us back and asked us to steal her some of the restaurant's plates, as if she doesn't own enough place settings already.

We ate lunch at Café Marly inside the Louvre overlooking the glass pyramid.

We visited the Apple Store, my second home.

We sipped wine and DID STAIRS. Yes, Karen. Stairs.

We even took the metro and walked through some sketchy neighborhoods where neither Keri nor I got mugged or attacked (for once.)

All in all - a very good day.


  1. What a wonderful day! Wish I was there. What are those sandwiches? They look delicious! Please send those macarons my way please:)


  2. Keri had a croque madame and I had the club sandwhich. The Macarons were at La Durée, Marija's favorite. We got salted caramel (my fave,) pistacio, morello cherry and orange fig.

  3. I was the lucky one mmle! And Karen, I'll get around to blooging about my 12 hours in Paris, but what I can say now is 1. my first croque madame, ever, was in Paris on Sunday and it was incredible! and 2. the macarons I've had in the U.S. did not hold a candle to the ones we had at La Duree. You must finish your French Skinny Experiment with a trip to see Shaboom!