Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Photos by Karen at French Skinny


How can it be? The last day Mija is here. Tomorrow she leaves and we go back home. Time has stopped for awhile. There's a little heartbreak knowing we won't be doing this again for a long time. But we tuck that away until tomorrow and have coffee together.

I'm ready for something hearty for brunch so I make this for everyone. Heat olive oil in a pan, sliced French bread, mozzarella, tomatoes, roasted garlic and fresh basil. I like a little balsamic vinegar on top. I made 4 plates of these and everyone wanted more but that was the last of the bread.

The Sgt. Major grilled some rib eye for dinner and Grandma Dee made a big salad.

Games and popcorn until 1:00am

"Always leave them wanting more."


  1. That looks so delicious.

    Just to clarify: Do you heat the oil, add the bread to toast it and then add all the other ingredients when the bread is already out of the pan?

    Btw, it's nice to hear that you were in the mood for something "hearty." How many pieces did you eat? (just wondering,...)

    Btw #2: I officially started the French Skinny yesterday. : )

    I ate minimally.
    Mostly fresh ingredients.
    Paid attention to my hunger cues.

    Today is day #2.

  2. Karen @ slo house, that is fantastic!
    I cut up the bread. Heat the oil in the pan. Put the bread in the pan and the garlic in the pan on the side so it roasts at the same time and gives the olive oil some flavor. I put the mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on immediately.
    So everything goes on at the same time. It doesn't take long to toast and I like the cheese melty.
    I put it on a plate. Drizzle the olive oil over it all with the roasted garlic and add a little balsamic vinegar.
    I cut each piece of French bread into 2 sections.
    I ate one whole piece of French bread = 2 sections.

    I hope this helps!
    How do you feel?

  3. I'm sorry, I meant Karen @ our slo house!
    Let me know how it goes.


  4. your food looks amazing! i love to cook & love to see the delicious foods you photograph!

  5. Mashuga Mom,
    You are nice. And I still say you have the best name ever:)

  6. Thanks for the recipe instructions, Karen! Everything is on the grocery list and I am making that tonight -- my family is going to be so stoked!

    I feel great. And a little surprised how little I need to eat. And... a little nervous... Nervous that I'm going to fall off the wagon (into a vat of cadbury's chocolate!) I'm taking it a day at a time.

    Unlike you, though, I have found that I must eat breakfast. I generally wake up hungry. It's later in the day that my meals are "take 'em or leave 'em."

    : )

  7. Yay!
    I'm so glad you are feeling great. It was just as much a surprise to me too when I realized I was full on the French Skinny portions.

    Shaboom has never ever denied herself chocolate. Eat a piece of chocolate! You are not on a diet anymore. This is your lifestyle. Just be very picky about the quality. Because you deserve the best.


  8. if i come visit you, will you cook me this, too? (wink, wink)