Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weigh In Week 19

Weigh In Week 19
Goal: Lose 35 pounds in 6 months the French Skinny Way.
Lost 3.5 pounds this week!
Total lost so far: 23 pounds

Tonight was Girls Night.
Jen made this wonderful feast.

I enjoyed everything.

I filled my plate as usual and ate half of it.

Yay Girl's Night!


  1. Good job on the weight loss.i know you are eating smaller portions ,and how do you feel,do you feel good and satisfied or hungry?and at about how many calories are you eating daily?just to get an idea and do you always eat out of those small containers? thanks

  2. 23lbs for a normal sized woman is an enormous amount of weight - congrats to you!!! p.s. I'm going to take a train to Paris on sunday for just one day. My goal is to find and eat the best chocolate croissant ever made :)

  3. Hi Anonymous! Thank you! I feel absolutely satisfied. But in a different way. I'm full but my stomach doesn't feel heavy. I have lots of energy but there's no way I could do the amount of stairs I had been doing before.
    I'm not really sure how many calories I'm eating a day. I've given up on counting calories. But I'll try and figure it out if you want.

    Keri, thank you! I love your goal! And I'm just a little jealous:)


  4. ha ha this is brilliant. don't bother counting calories, karen, it's not the point anymore. you're enjoying life and losing weight without putting insane amount of hours into mindless work-out - yeah, a calorie deficit is working in your favor somewhere in the background but if you start paying attention to the math, you'll just be adding a distraction you don't need. the point is to not have to worry about that stuff all the time. isn't it?

  5. keri - can't wait to see you!!

  6. You are doing great, Karen! Way to go.

    Happy New Year.