Saturday, January 8, 2011

Looking Up

Photo by Karen at French Skinny

"Looking Up"

I was revisiting Shaboom's Days today when I stumbled on Day 14.

Day 14

1 Salty Crêpe (Bechamél, Ham, Cheese, Leeks, Corn)
1 Dessert Crêpe (Sugar, Lemon, Butter)
2 Petits Filous (Peach, Strawberry - total 100 calories)
1 Café au Lait

Because I went to bed so late, I got up rather late this *ahem* afternoon. So "breakfast" might be a misleading term for my first meal of the day. Also, because it was so HUGE (thanks, Obsessed!) I spread it out over the span of the "day." I had some pineapple and clementines in the late evening before I went to bed and had one hour of "indoor cardio" with Obsessed! before sleeping better than I have in weeks...

Let's just say my day was eerily reminiscent of Shaboom's Day 14.
The only difference was a very large pear instead of pineapple.
But lots of *ahem* indoor cardio. Etc.

Have a wonderful weekend.

"It's all giggles over here."


  1. Karen, I'll be in Paris in the morning and Shaboom is meeting me at the train station! What a small strange connected world this has turned into! I can't wait!

  2. That is crazy!!!!! Give her a giant hug for me and tell her to come home:)
    And a giant hug to you too!


  3. I let her know. I had a great time and hope she did too. We were totally French Skinny...walked a good portion of the day from 10am until 10pm including an enormous series of stairs up to a beautiful church. I'll let you know what we ate, it was beautiful and oh so yummy! And yes, you do have to remind Shaboom to eat ;)

  4. How wonderful! Going up all those stairs to see a beautiful church is so different then plotting them out in a parking garage. "Sigh"
    Can't wait to hear about what you ate and see pictures:)

  5. Very true, very true! I was picturing you coming to Paris and walking up the Eiffel tower for your workout :)

  6. karen,

    while we were walking past the eiffel tower, i actually made a comment to keri about there never being a line for the stairs. keri said she could never do it. i said i think i could but lord help me if i had to do the stairs with you because it'd take you a half hour and it'd take me the entire afternoon to roll my eyes at all your enthusiasm which would get in the way of my stair climbing concentration, natch. i explained how you are very *ahem* goal oriented.


    great meeting you!!!!