Saturday, January 15, 2011


Tammy's Tomato Salad

Today we got into Grandma Dee's closet full of board games. Well, actually, Tammy and 4 did. There were board games in there dating back to the 70's. Tammy dusted them off and went through them one by one. Some had pieces missing. Some were just boring when you actually played them. But somehow, 4 would always make it interesting by making up his own rules and surprise, surprise, he always won! (Ahem)
We spent all day and night playing games and putting puzzles together.

For lunch, Tammy gathered fresh tomatoes, basil, rosemary and thyme from Grandma Dee's garden. Chopped it up, put some garlic salt, feta cheese and olive oil in it and it was delicious.

(Anonymous, the picture above is what I actually ate. Before the FSE my portion size would have been at least twice as much as that. I will post more before and after portion sizes I promise.)

Grandma Dee made her spaghetti with cheesy bread and broccoli for dinner. I could eat a lot of this if I didn't think about it. But I was totally full and satisfied with this much food.

Tammy brought twinkly lights for Grandma Dee's gazebo. We put them up and played board games until midnight again. There were a few bowls of popcorn between the 4 of us.


  1. thank you! and 4's game strategy sounds exactly like my 13 yr olds,i always warn people not to play with him,must me a male thing,i always..ALWAYS beat my hubby in pacman,oh yeah and he can't stand it,he says something must be wrong witht he gameboy or that i am cheating (???)lol

  2. Hilarious. Luckily 4 has a wonderful Aunt Tammy who lets him win every time. Apparently when I was little I would cry every time I lost at anything and that's why I'm so competitive. I have no idea what they're talking about:)
    Go Team!

  3. the gazebo looks so pretty...