Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zoo Food

Photos by Karen at French Skinny

"No caption required."

While Shaboom travels the world eating croissants, 4 and I head off to the Zoo.
Last time I went to the Zoo, I packed a little FS lunchbox for myself. Yogurt, water, apple. Very smart. Very healthy.
Yeah, I didn't do that today. Today's Zoo adventure was a spur of the moment thing and let's be honest, sometimes you just cant be perfect. I know Shaboom would never pack a lunch. That's just not her deal. So 4 and I went up and down hills and stairs looking at all the animals. We were getting hungry. And then we saw this delightful guy eating his lunch.

He took one look at me and gave me the universal sign for "Go Away."
Mooned by a Gorilla.

4 got a kids lunch box and nothing really sounded good to me. 4 ate about half of his lunch and I had a few bites. Still FS portions.

Once home, I had an apple and some cheese.

Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches for dinner with grapes on the side.
(My sandwich was made with one piece of bread. 7 or 8 grapes.)

Later that night Hubby and I shared some popcorn and a movie.

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  1. awww.... from mooning to popcorn! LUV the descriptions :)