Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 150 from Burbank- Running Around

Photo by Karen at French Skinny


Day 150 from Burbank: Today is crazy. We all have crazy days don't we? I sit down with a pot of black tea and plan my day. I feel the rush of adrenaline that comes from having too much to do and juuuust enough time to do it. If all the traffic lights cooperate and no one melts down.

Drop 4 off at Aunt Bonnie's. He was there for 5 hours while I went from appointment to appointment. There's no easy breezy lunch for hours. What happened to my plan?

Chocolate bar with a hand full of peanuts for lunch. (I'm not proud of this.)

Dinner was roasted chicken. I ate a half a thigh, 3 cherry tomatoes with basil leaves, some chedder cheese, and some egg bread with baby bell cheese.

Later on I had some Trader Joe's frozen sweet potato fries with mayo. (8 fries)

I'm finding that, for me, I need a little late night down time with a snack or I feel deprived.

I will never feel deprived again.
I will never diet again.
I will only eat only when I'm hungry.
I will eat French Skinny portions.
I will choose carefully (most of the time) and eat with passion.
I can only taste for flavor for about 4 bites of food. After that, why am I eating?
I will Breathe.


  1. Hello my friend...I have been off the radar in HELL lately. Thankfully I got a chance to sit and read your blog for a break from life...and I'm wondering; how do you only taste for flavor in 4 bites?? This is where I struggle...I taste flavor in EVERY bite and usually cannot stop eating because it tastes so good...thus, I overeat! How do I shut off the tastebuds after 4 bites??? Please, please, please tell me how! :D

  2. Hello zanymad!!!!! I'm so sorry you've been in hell lately.

    I don't really turn my taste buds off. And I do eat more than 4 bites. (More like 8 or 10)

    The doctor is the first person who told me that, scientifically, studies have shown that we only really taste for "flavor" for 4 bites.

    I didn't believe this at first. I went home, sat down and really paid attention to my next meal. It was true. After the 4th bite I wasn't really tasting for flavor. My mind was wandering. So why am I mindlessly eating? Hunger? Habit? Emotion? Because I think I'm supposed to out of some self imposed idea? For me it was one or all of these.

    After 3 days of eating French Skinny portions my stomach was used to it.

    I'm no doctor.
    *Please check with your doctor before you try any diet or exercise routine*
    And I'm not a therapist. But I would say that if you have been super busy and in hell lately you're probably using food to feel better. (I have been doing this my whole life)
    The only other thing I can think of, is that you still think of this as a diet. That you are going to deprive yourself by only eating French Skinny portions. Trust me when I tell you that this is NOT a diet. It's freedom from a diet. You do have to make sure your environment is supportive of that.
    A good mantra (if you're into that) is : "I will never diet again. I will eat French Skinny Portions. I will choose carefully and eat with passion."

    I hope this helps. Let me know!


  3. Thanks Karen...and you are right...I have definitely been eating for comfort. Also why I have not blogged...just too much to deal with and too personal to blog about. Oh well. This too shall pass, right? So happy that you have found your groove! Just hope the blog doesn't end when you reach your goal. ;D

  4. i love this - choose carefully and eat with passion....