Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 152 from France:
Drunk Sing-A-Long

Shaboom writes to us from Paris, France...

When you're a local in any major metropolitan city, sometimes the tourists can really get on your nerves. There you are on the street in New York City and you're just trying to get to work on time and some jet-lagged or drunk tourist is holding you up because he doesn't walk fast enough. In Paris, it's the same. The tourists who give money to the street musicians on the metro usually annoy the locals as the musicians can be oftentimes irritating and lacking talent. But sometimes, you just have to smile...

Here's a crappy short video I took with my phone of some crazy drunk German tourists having fun and singing along with an accordion player on the train. The Frenchman in a suit on his way from work not even reacting to the scene totally cracks me up.

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