Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pasta For Breakfast?

Photos by Karen at French Skinny

It was chilly this morning so I made some penne all'arrabbiata for breakfast.

This warmed me up nicely.

I'm determined to drink 8 glasses of water. So, I down one glass in the morning and one with my penne.

About an hour later I had my pot of black tea then cleaned the house for 5 hours.

4 dark chocolate almonds for a snack. Oh right! Water. One more glass.

Brown rice and stir fried vegetables for dinner with water. I can't believe that's only 4 glasses of water so far today.

One more glass of water before bed. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.


  1. Pasta for breakfast, eh why not?
    I have a hard time drinking enough water during the winter, but if I add the green tea, I can usually get enough. It's hard to do, though!
    I read somewhere recently that the 8 glasses a day thing is a myth, but who knows.. people are debunking and re-bunking this stuff all the time. --Jenn

  2. I don't like water much either, Karen. Only if I'm really thirsty or hungover. I'm working on it, too.



  3. Thanks! Now I finally remember what my new year's resolution was! Drink more water! Don't you hate when you make resolutions but then you can't remember what they are?

    This concussion has really screwed up my brain.

    And BTW, LOVE pasta for breakfast.

  4. thecommonsensualist, I heard about the 8 glasses of water is a myth thing too. It's very confusing! But I know my skin looks better when I'm hydrated.

    Sarcastic Bastard, I'm so glad I'm not alone on this one! Go Team!

    Shaboomy! I can't believe I'm having pasta for breakfast like you. I really never thought that would happen. Feel better!