Saturday, February 26, 2011


Photos by Karen at French Skinny

I made this breakfast in less than 15 minutes. One piece of toast (I cut the crust off because no one here eats it anyway.) Canadian Bacon cooked in a little butter for 3 minutes on each side. One egg cooked sunny side up.
I put this all in the broiler with a little gruyere on top and green onions.......
Voila! Breakfast to take me through the day.

4 ate the whole thing. Hubby loved it with a little hot sauce.

Dinner was a Vegetarian's Delight.
Brown Rice made with Vegetable Stock instead of water. I threw carrots in with the rice.

Meanwhile I roasted some red peppers in olive oil, sauteed some Portabello Mushrooms in olive oil, garlic salt and balsamic vinegar and sauteed leeks and celery in butter.

When done I threw the leeks and celery in with the brown rice and carrots. Added frozen corn and frozen peas to the rice.

Put the mushrooms on top.

The red peppers all around and.....Voila!

Dinner, hearty, flavorful and nutritious.

Hubby ate everything. 4 asked if I could make this again tomorrow night. (Although 4 doesn't eat the mushrooms or red peppers, he did eat 2 bowls full of brown rice with carrots, leeks, celery, peas and corn. I'm calling it a success!)


    how much longer til it's morning again?

  2. I want that breakfast. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. And snacktime.