Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 158 from France:
Security Blanket

Shaboom writes to us from Paris, France...

I never get tired of looking at the Eiffel Tower. It's like when I lived in LA - I always got a secret thrill much like a jolt of electricity every time I saw the Hollywood sign (which I could see from my apartment.)

Here in Paris, I usually see the Eiffel Tower a couple of times a day and if my hands are free (sometimes even if I'm driving and stopped at a light) I snap a picture, rain or shine.

It's an inspiration, a token that today is better than yesterday or at least that tomorrow will be better.

It's a reminder that I came here for a reason even though sometimes it feels like I screwed up my entire life by doing so.

Just looking at this landmark comforts me in those moments when I feel so far away from all the people I love that are still in LA, those moments when I feel all alone in this romantic City of Lights.

In my dreariest moments when I seriously consider getting on the next plane back to California to pick up the fragments of my life in hopes that I can somewhat piece the puzzle back together, I turn a corner and POW! there she is - the Eiffel Tower. That's when I get the warm fuzzies again and I calm down. It's not a hug from Karen or a girls night out with my besties, but it helps me make it to tomorrow.


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  2. Awwwww Shaboomy, how beautiful.....and sad.......and sweet.

    Sending giant hugs to you.


  3. We miss you too Shaboom-boom.
    Hugz and kisses

  4. wish I had an Eiffel Tower to see every day. My favorite singing duo, The Civil Wars are in Paris right now. They were singing on the streets yesterday. If you hear of them, go see them...a MUST.

  5. Lovely photo of it, too.

    There is always a price to pay for adventure. There will always be people to miss and things we are not doing. But I think you've taken on an experience you will not regret.

  6. Thanks Karen.

    Love you BootyDance!!

    Tracey - I was all over the streets and searched for them everywhere with no luck!! Boo...

    Cassandra - Thank you. I know you're right but it's not always lollipops and rainbows. Thank God for La Tour Eiffel!!