Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 159 from France:
Dinner Party

Shaboom writes to us from Paris, France...

I love this photo of SexySultry. She hates cooking - it stresses her out, having grown up with a father who is a professional chef. She hates touching food as it totally grosses her out. But, like me, she LOVES to eat!! Yay!

We recently had a little dinner party chez moi and we decided to stage this photo of her cooking to post it on Facebook and shock all our friends. It definitely got a lot of comments!

We ate a delicious dinner of filet mignon wrapped in BACON!! with a yummy mushroom sauce. It was accompanied by a simple salad and shrimp and veggie fettucini. Who doesn't love surf and turf?! I mean COME ON!!

We had double layered white & dark chocolate mousse with a raspberry coulis for dessert. Mmmm...

Oh yeah, don't forget to wipe your feet before entering! (Actually, I make everyone take off their shoes. Old habits die hard. Sorry!)