Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weigh In Week 23 - Goodbye Comfortable Mom

Photo by Karen at French Skinny

Goal: Lose 35 pounds the French Skinny Way.

(In 6 months)

Lost: 2 pounds this week

Total lost so far: 31pounds

4 pounds to go.

That should make me so very, very happy. But I have to say there is a very strange phenomenon happening. I try on my clothes and nothing fits right. I have nothing to wear. Intellectually I say to myself "Oh poor you, your clothes are too big. Get over it!"

But, to be honest, I don't see it in the mirror. Shaboom told me she didn't really notice it when she was losing weight and I don't either.

I see it on the scale so it must be true.
Nothing in my closet fits, so it must be true.
People are telling me how skinny I look, so it must be true.

The truth is, I feel normal. Like I felt before I had my kid. Which is weird because I thought I felt normal before, but 31 pounds later I'm realizing that I wasn't where I thought I was.

I thought I'd mention this because my friend is going through the same thing. She has been doing the French Skinny with me and has lost 30 pounds. But she's not seeing it. She's sad because her clothes don't fit. I see her and she looks AMAZING, but she doesn't see it. I can't believe she can't be excited about it. But then again, I understand because I'm going through the same thing.

Today 4 and I picked many tomatoes. I made pasta sauce for days. While I was cooking I came to the realization that thin doesn't mean happy. Sometimes thin means saying goodbye to the comfortable. Sometimes getting what you want is sad.

Goodbye comfortable mom.
You were safe, funny and nice.
You've served me well for 4 years.

I'm just being honest.

I know that I will fit into my new life.

But it might take awhile.


  1. I’ve been trying the French skinny for a couple of weeks now I totally get what you are saying on this post. I’ve got a long way to go but with the first 10 gone people are starting to notice, but I actually don’t. I’ve never thought about dieting or having some type of regimen, but thought it was about time I did something for myself, that’s when I noticed that the hard part about losing weight is the decision itself. Congratulations on your success and hope we hear more from you once your six month journey is over.

  2. any before and after pics??

  3. Yes... but so much better than clothes that are too tight. Ahem.

  4. Happy is not a number on the scale.

    But I know happy is in you.

  5. It's a strange thing. I always saw the same person in the mirror ...before I gained the weight, after I gained the weight and after my French Skinny. It wasn't until I started looking at photos of my "before" that I realized what being a size 2/4 instead of a 14/16 looked like.

    You'll get there. And you'll be proud of the way you handled your journey.

  6. Karen, I found your blog two weeks ago and between then and now I started at the beginning and have read until the present. I am intrigued by this plan and have tried to implement it in the last couple of days. I have a couple questions though: Since your epiphany, which was mostly to do with being okay with much smaller portions and accepting that it is healthy for your body (and less about eating "French" foods), is anything off limits to you now, or is it all just portion control? Meaning, do you still try to eat what Shaboom is eating in Paris or do you eat more what we enjoy in the States and just eat a lot less? Also, did you slowly decrease your portion size or did it all happen at the time of your epiphany? I crave to understand the "rules". I have enjoyed reading the experiences of your journey. Congratulations on your success. I vote for before and after pics!!

  7. Goodbye comfy mom, hello French Skinny mom!

    I agree with Shaboom, I always look in the mirror and think I look great. I lose weight and don't notice. But if I see pictures I either think who is that overweight person? or wow I look good! :) Rock on!

  8. Thanks everyone! Rock on!

    Hi Andrea! My French Skinny lifestyle is now basically:
    1. French Skinny portions.
    2. Fresh bread from the bakery. (Nothing with preservatives)
    3. Locally grown and or organic (if at all possible) fresh fruits and vegetables.
    4. Real butter, cheese, cream, milk.
    5. All meat.
    The mindset is so different from a diet. I know I can have anything I want so I usually want to give myself, and my family, the best. I also enjoy going out to eat, BBQ's etc. I don't deny myself anything. Especially getting together with friends. Experiencing new things is all a part it. What I don't do is eat things that don't appeal to me. If I take a bite of bread and it doesn't taste good I don't "eat it anyway". I "choose carefully and eat with passion."

    Hope this helps!

  9. Thank you Karen. It does help. There is a learning curve, I think, with understanding my body's hunger signals. I'm thinking it just takes time, experience, and seeing how the scale reacts.