Tuesday, March 15, 2011


(Photo by Karen at French Skinny)

Today I got a call from my neighbor (aka Neighbor Wife. Because she's cool and brings me breakfast not because we are in some weird cult.) asking if I would like some freshly baked scones. I love her. I got out the homemade 5 spice Loquat Jam Jennifer made for me and we had a feast............Well, 4 stole half of my scone but I devoured the other half.

I tried to get the recipes for both but Jennifer told me she made up the recipe and used a lot of 5 spice. Neighbor Wife has not responded. She may have used a mix. Oh no!

Lunch was an artichoke dipped in mayo. Again, 4 stole half of it.
I do feed him his own lunch but he prefers mine.

Dinner was a small bowl full of popcorn with butter and parmesan cheese.

(Yes those are Garden Gnome salt and pepper shakers. More on that drama later!)

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