Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weigh In Week 24- Sushi

Goal: Lose 35 pounds the French Skinny Way.

(In 6 months)

Lost: 2 pounds this week

Total lost so far: 33 pounds

2 pounds to go.

While Shaboom is flitting around Spain with expats, 4 and I are playdating with his friends. We end up at a sushi restaurant in Montrose.

Edamame for starters.



Lobster Dynamite

Playdating with a couple of 4 year olds at a sushi restaurant involves courage, patience and a lot of apologizing to nearby diners with (and I hate to say this) no sense of humor at all! Some people don't appreciate the precise aim my child took at blowing the paper wrapper off his straw straight into their soup! A trick his Aunt Tammy taught him at the tender age of 2 so he's pretty good at it. (I'm not bragging it's just a fact.) If you were at the table next to us and reading this, I'm sorry.

Thanks Aunt Tammy!


  1. Have you gone shopping for any new clothes yet? I imagine that you must be swimming in your old clothes.

  2. At this point nothing is fitting right. I still didn't really believe it. But I'm definitely going through all my clothes soon!

  3. http://cakechampagneandmagazinesMarch 27, 2011 at 7:31 AM

    i just started following your blog, and doing a similar french diet. i have also seen results. love to get a coffee and chat , i live in glendale :)

  4. Hi cakechampagneandmagazines!!!!!!!! That sounds super fun!!!! Things are a little crazytown over here right now but as soon as they calm down we should do it!


  5. california rolls....mmm...... :)

  6. and why is sushi so fattening? i eat, like 6 pieces and i'm always up over 1.0.... boooo

  7. I don't think sushi is fattening. I think there's a lot of salt in the soy sauce and the pound is just water.
    At least that's what I'm going with cause I LOVE sushi!