Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 166 from Burbank- Nothing and Everything

(Photo by Karen at French Skinny)

Day 166 from Burbank
I'm living in a strange mindset. Food is at the same time nothing and everything to me. Because I get full on French Skinny portions I am free of any restrictions. I daydream endlessly about foods I have forbidden myself in the past. Yet find I really don't want them after all. I'm used to categorizing my diet. Am I floundering in a sea of endless possibilities? It's so strange to get excited about making something decadent but then, once thought out, not really wanting it.

4 and I went to his Auntie Caryn's house today.
She made us chili.
It was delicious.
This was my portion.
I was full.
So strange.

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  1. so proud of you :)
    this inner hungerset - the smaller, the better, is such a mind bender.