Saturday, March 19, 2011


(Photo by Karen at French Skinny)

"Momma, I want to make a card for Rachel."
"That's nice."
"She's my girlfriend."
"Buddy, she's 23."
"You're 4."
"I like her so much my heart hurts."
"I'm sorry Buddy."
"I know. Maybe I should make her 2 cards."
"That's a good idea."
"Just don't tell Mackenzie, Mom. It would hurt her feelings."
"Okay........How many girlfriends do you have?"
"Like 7."


Roasted chicken with rice and veggies.
I was too shocked to do anything creative.


  1. I think your son is French. ;)

    p.s. Sorry I disappeared for a bit. Actually, I was still reading - just not commenting. I've been back on the FSE for a week now.

    You know what threw a wrench in it for me? Going out to dinner with people and/or having people over for dinner. I totally know what you mean about "silent judging." Unfortunately, I just "gave in" so that I wouldn't draw any attention, and wouldn't have to deal with it. :(

    It's interesting that dealing with people's opinions/silent judging is WAY HARDER than cutting your portions to French Skinny.