Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 169 from France:
The Tower of Jello

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris Spain...

I know it seems (at least to me) that all I ever do is shove food in my face only stopping long enough to take pictures of it, but I actually take pictures of other things now and there. Here's a few shots from yesterday's stroll through Seville.

A bridge designed by Gustav Eiffel

This tower glows gold or yellow at night and is called the Golden Tower. It isn't clear if this name comes from it's color or from the fact that they used to charge taxes to ships coming in and out of this waterway which was paid in gold bullion and stored in the tower. And whenever a Spaniard talks to you in English about it, he/she says The Yellow Tower (in their accent yellow sounds like Jello,) which (because I'm 8 years old) has now forever become the Tower of Jello.

The drumsticks above the doorway are enormous, cured pig legs, hooves and all.

A detail shot of the Eiffel designed bridge...

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