Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 85 from France:
Girls' Night

sends us her update from Paris SoCal...

I felt like all I did today was EAT! Work went really well, especially the part where we had lunch...

Again, eating at the commissary is really evil.

Then I went back to work - shop, shop, shop. Found cute animal set pieces. Rando, I know.

Then I left work and killed some time before my girls' night - I went shopping!!! I picked up a great pair of jeans SIZE 27 shut up I know! Some yoga pants, 3 cute tops, a dress and A PAIR OF EAR RINGS. That's huge. Monumental. I am kind of wash and go, no muss no fuss - I wear the same jewelry every dang day. For reals.

Girls' night was great. So much good food and wine and then we let loose and DANCED in our pajamas before watching a movie and passing out.

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