Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 13 - Weigh In - And Some Laundry Diving

Karen sends her updates from Burbank, CA

0 pounds lost this week
Goal: Lose 35 pounds in 6 months the French Skinny Way.
Total lost so far: 14 pounds
The plateau continues.

Laundry diving.
A cloudy day activity.

There was a brief moment where I thought maybe instead of taking this picture I should make him stop the laundry diving. Instead, I decided to take some video because he actually got air that time! Whoo Hoo!
Clearly I've been inside too much and we need to get out.

I call Smacksy. "Can we come over? We're all going a little crazy over here."

Smacky's house is so pretty.
And calm.
And there's always coffee.
Unfortunately there was an "incident" involving light sabers and an unlucky hydrangea that I still need to replace. (I haven't forgotten I promise.) But what was that other thing my kid destroyed? Ah my memory isn't what it used to be.

Somedays I feel like I have it all together.
What's French for "Today is not one of those days"?

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  1. hmm..perhaps the best thing is not to weigh? I threw away my scale last year and now I just go by the fit of my pants and how I feel overall. from the looks of recent pictures, you're doing wonderfully...weight tends to redistribute itself in the middle of losing.
    (yes, I totally realize this is all months past tense. ;-) )