Saturday, September 11, 2010

Karen - Day 86- Aww Love

Karen sends her updates from Burbank, CA

I just put some bandaids on my GIANT blisters this morning before putting on my tennis shoes to go to the bakery with 4. I hate when Hubby's right. He told me to wear sensible shoes for my walk yesterday but I wanted to try and be like Shaboomy. I was so smug about my shoes. "Please, I'll be fine. I look cute, right?" He just shook his head and headed into the man cave (garage).
Just to recap, now I have hives and giant blisters.

What's happening?

Hubby tells me, "I have a surprise for you, I'm getting you a 47 inch flat screen TV for our anniversary." Our eyes lock for a nanosecond. "Wow, are you kidding me?" "Nope."
Now some people might not think this is a romantic gesture but they are not me.
Every year for the last 13 years I've gotten a card. Sometimes we go away for the weekend but that's pretty much it. This year I get a 47 inch flat screen TV.
I mentioned this TV once about 3 months ago to Hubby in passing and he remembered. It's not the brand I wanted but who cares. I'm kind of blown away. To me this is one of the sweetest, most romantic presents ever.
I kind of float to the bakery.

I ordered something different today. A bacon panini. I ate a half of a half. 3 ate a half of it. He also ate a ham and cheese croissant and a couple bites of a chocolate croissant.

When we got home, the TV was set up and there was a giant cardboard box that 4 played on for hours. It became a fort, snow to make snow angels, a castle, a hiding place and much more. What is it about a cardboard box that is so universally magical?

I'm so tired I make the BIG announcement.
"Listen up everyone. I'm going to be sitting down for a half hour and take a break and I'm NOT getting up for anything. I'm serious. I need to sit in this chair for 30 minutes I'm not getting up and I don't want any interruptions. I'm done. Any questions?" Hubby and 4 are staring at me. I remember something. "Okay, I forgot my snack and bubbly water. I'm going to go get my snack and bubbly water and THEN I'm going to sit in this chair for 30 minutes." Now they are laughing at me as they walk out the door to play catch.

Lunch: A little bit of the sourdough Baton and some spicy humus.

Hubby made hamburger patties with cheese and french fries.
It doesn't look super delightful but it was a hearty dinner.

That night we put 4 to bed and sat down to watch the new TV. It worked for about 15 minutes then everyone turned a strange magenta color. Tomorrow he has to uninstall the TV, return it and purchase a different brand. The brand I had mentioned a few months ago.
Awww love.


  1. Aww, so nice. It's not what you receive but the context in which you receive it. sounds like a great present.

    Also, try Naot heels or Camper ballet flats - quite comfy without sacrificing the chic!

  2. It has always been my opinion that there is little in the world that a 47" flat screen TV can't cure.

    I'm sure your hives and blisters will soon be history.

  3. Are you sure you weren't just watching Dallas Raines? He might be so spraytanned that he's now magenta.