Thursday, September 9, 2010

Karen - Day 85 - The Rash

I've got a wierd rash.

The nurse looks at my weird rash and does the simultaneous eyebrow raise and pursed lips with intake of breath. "It's not that bad is it?" I ask. "Oh yeah, that's bad." I start to get a little nervous "But you've seen worse. Right?" She looks me in the eye and shakes her head. "I've never seen it so bad." Who the hell says that to a patient???

I have the worse case of hives the doctor has ever seen. He said my body is fighting a viral infection. There is no medication that will heal it but I can take Benedryl at night to help with the itching. Perfect. I feel so glamorous.

Once home, 4 asked Hubby and I to sit at the kitchen table.
"Mommy, Daddy, I have to talk to you. I don't know if you will like this or not but, I am 4 now. I don't want anymore sippy cups. That's for babies. And I'm going to wipe my own butt. I'm 4. It's time."

To prove his point there was a ceremonial butt wiping after a poop. Everyone in the inner circle was contacted. "I can wipe my own butt" was announced to 12 people during 7 phone calls. I put everyone we called on speakerphone because it got funnier and funnier to hear. "What?" "I can wipe my own butt!" "What??" "I can wipe my own butt!" "WHAT?? I can't hear you!" "GRANDMA DEE! I CAN WIPE MY OWN BUTT!!!" Honestly that just never gets old.

To celebrate the new coming of age situation I made pasta carbonara. I added some green onion and I just put the panchetta on top. Hubby said he likes it the way Shaboom makes it better. I told him (as I scratched my itching neck) if he were to actually read my blog he would know that she doesn't make it, her French lover makes it for her while she's naked in bed. He looked at my weird rash, made a face and ate the freaking celebration pasta.

Benedryl take me away.


  1. Hubby does not know how good he's got it. And your carbonara looks AMAZING!

    Good luck with the rash...

  2. I'm drooling over your carbonara right now.

    UGH I'm so sorry about your rash. I've had viral related rashes...they're not fun. Hang in there.

  3. as if he has a right to complain about food being cooked for him!

    yay for wiping butts~!

  4. The pasta looks to die for, and your kid is f'in hilarious!

  5. We now have two things in common: One, I totally get hives. Two, we have sons that wipe their own butts!
    Boo for number one. Yeah for number two! (no pun intended.)