Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 88 from France:
Eat Like The Hobbits

sends us her update from Paris SoCal...

I started off my day with a pot of French Press and a half a cupcake. I know, I know. But...

I have nothing.

Then I had second breakfast, like a good hobbit, at work. Blueberry muffin, kiwi, grapes, orange juice. Kind of cancels out the half a cupcake, right?! Right?!

I could have had pastry but it wouldn't have been worth it. I'll save that for when I'm back in France.

For lunch, mashed potatoes and brownie.

For second lunch, a sandwich and potato salad.

I bet it's not every day at work that you can say you had to shop for ancient ivory chinese etched adult toys!

I also got to go to the fortune man that they used in the movie BIG. Unfortunately, he was unable to help me with any of my life's current problems.

For dinner I had a very un-French Skinny Gatorade drink. I ate chicken breast, mashed potatoes, salad, pasta and fruit for dessert.

I got to watch a cool sundown as I waited for BadAss to show up and join Vixen and I for the evening. For second dinner, I ate a bunless cheeseburger with tomato and avocado. I drank a few Coronas. I ate a bite of a red velvet pancake, tasted some cheese fries, had a bite of a fried pickle, ate some watermellon and had a vodka tonic with lemon.


  1. Oh yeah, just throw in the ancient ivory thingys like THAT'S normal!
    Lot's of food today on The French Skinny.
    Interesting Hobbit Food.


  2. I've never said my life is normal!!!