Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 89 from France:

sends us her update from Paris SoCal...

I started off the day with coffee and the other cupcake half.

Lunch was half a chicken breast, pasta and watermelon.

Dinner was salad, bunless cheeseburger, an onion ring and some tomatoes.

I worked all day and then enjoyed a quiet evening with a friend where I told him all about a random RANDOM first encounter slash date gone bad that somehow went down last night out of the blue. Read more about that HERE and then things got a little *ahem* interesting with MagicMan which you can read about HERE.

No drama needed here, my friends. We're stock full!


  1. Interesting night with MagicMan. I wonder..........

  2. WOW! Non date #1: I think it's funny that he thinks YOU have no game. Not only does HE have no game, he has no class. Non date #2: Holy Cow! No sex for 2 years??? And they are in a relationship??? My brain cannot even compute that...the first 2 years are the best sex Way to have willpower Shaboom!