Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 91 from France:
Thai Elvis Left The Building

sends us her update from Paris SoCal...

Contrary to Karen's theories about the origin of my rash, I still think this lovely gift that keeps on giving came from her. It's dying down a little now, so I'm less itchy. But it has moved up my body some ...and looks less violent than it did.

Yesterday was my last day of the job, so I'm a free woman with all the time in the world! Oh, wait, I'm supposed to leave to go back to Paris in a week and what I originally came to LA and gave myself a month to do now has to be finished in the next few days. PANIC!

I fueled up with a good breakfast and a pot of coffee. Then I rushed across town and started pack pack packing. K-Lo came to help me move the boxes to storage with her grocery go-getter.

We decided to go to Thai Elvis for lunch, for old times sake. But Elvis had taken the day off. Booo...

I love a good beef pa-nang.

After packing and moving all day, I rushed back across town to gussy up in Manolos and a cute Jackie O hat complete with a veil so I could go to a movie premier with my gays. My dinner was less than exciting...

That's a pretzel and sauce.


  1. "Ummm Whatever." (flips hair, turns and walks away.)

  2. I love Thai food. Good luck with your move.

  3. I have a rash like that and it turned out to be sub cutaneous Lupus...Se a dermatologist if it comes back.