Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 70- Weigh In From Burbank- What In The World?

Weigh In
Lost 2 pounds.

Goal: Lose 35 pounds in 6 months
Total lost so far: 13 pounds

So I'm back to where I was before I left for New York and ate the entire state.

I'm drinking my first cup of coffee and contemplating my next French Skinny plan when I check my email.

From Shaboom: Karen, I was mugged. Physically okay. No computer.

This sends me into an icy panic. What does that mean? Shaboom was mugged? I'm picturing some thug doing all sorts of terrible things. But wait, she said she's physically okay. Which clearly means she's not mentally okay. But who would be after being mugged? I start sending her email after email. How the hell did they manage in the old days with telegrams?

I found out later what happened -See Day 70 Shabbom.

She borrowed a friend's phone to email me a couple of times and then finally called because I was being a bit of a freak. This is when I found out Shaboom is coming to L.A.! Tomorrow!

I have not seen her in person for 5 years. I have not seen her in person since she's become French Skinny. I have nothing to wear. She's going to be all French clothes wearing chic and I.....well, am not. I should get my roots done at least. Is this bad to be thinking about after poor Shaboomy was mugged and everything? Well, she's okay "physically" at least. I'm going to give her a talking to about safety and strangers. No, I'm not her mother or her sister but I don't care. Once you're my friend I am fiercely protective of you and frankly Shaboomy is too loosey goosey with her life. We will go on French Skinny walks. Talk about everything. Make plans. And I'm going to get Hubby to make some BBQ. Maybe I'll make a crepe for her.

Shaboom's coming to L.A.!

Must hide the scrunchies.


  1. karen i like the way you roll....your friends are lucky to have you. keep on rocking the french skinny you are doing great....wondering what you are up too in "real" time meaning now....i always look to see how a book ends and always want to know how a movie ends before i see i am just saying... curious that's all.

  2. loosey goosey and eazy breezy.. you two could fight crime!!!!!!!

  3. Hey G! I love that you want to know how the movie ends. I do too! I can't really write too much but let's just say I'm still doing the Experiment and it's going really well. There will be a happy ending:)

    Tish, I'm ordering my Easy Breezy superhero cape as we speak. It's surprisingly easy. Who knew?