Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day - 71 - Giving Hedgehog A Bath

Momma, can we give Hedgehog a bath?
Sure. Sure. Maybe tonight.

3 hours of Hedgehog playing games and puzzles.
2 cups of coffee with cream and sugar.
Eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Lunch is baguette with cheese.

Hedgehog is really.....not that clean. So....why not?
Why not give Hedgehog a bath?
These are the questions I never thought I'd ever be thinking about when I had a child.

After dinner, pasta because who has time to cook when Hedgehog is taking all of mommy's time, we give Hedgehog a bath.
Look Mommy, Hedgehog is wearing a giant hat.
And so I makeup a story.
Once Upon a time, Mrs. Hedgehog became the Queen of all Hedgehogs. She wore a big hat and ruled all the underwater sea creatures.............
Scuse me Mommy. That's nice Mommy.
Good story.
But Hedgehog just wants to swim now.
Let's not do the big hat thing.
Hedgehog is my best friend.
And she is kind of shy.

Okay Honey.


  1. Nothing comes between a boy and his hedgehog!

  2. mommy, three, and hedgehog are the MOST SWEETEST element of the french skinny thus far--even better than some of those frenchies's famous desserts. thanks for eluding to the happy ending! i do so love a good happy ending. now i must sit patiently and enjoy the ride so to speak. thanks for sharing your journey. stay well and stay focused you are doing great!!!!

  3. Hedgehog is a cutie! My 5yo has a Miss Kitty that we get to have fun with: sometimes eats with us, talks to us, and mama gets to buckle in the front seat of the minivan.

    Recently, I was told Miss Kitty needed a bath. The 5yo and I put her in the washer. My daughter was thrilled and giggling while watching Miss Kitty getting swished around. I, on the other hand, felt sort of freaky about it. Call it a case of anthropomorphism. LOL!