Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shaboom's in town

Every day I wake up and have to decide between the house looking good or me looking good. This predicament is really trying when someone is coming over. Today I am so excited and yet nervous about seeing Shaboom for the first time in 5 years. I know she probably reads the blog, so she knows that my wardrobe is mostly (all) mom clothes, but still.
Today I wanted to try and look good. After my 3rd outfit (that looks exactly like the first 2) she's knocking on the door and I'm in underwear. So French and yet not.
Our relationship has changed so much since we've been doing this. We were really work buddies before this experiment. Of course I knew she was fun and smart but it's a whole new thing now.
I opened the door and there is my new friend. Not my work buddy, my new friend. It's almost like she's a different person. She's tiny, chic and quiet.
3 is, of course, in love with her.
Hubby took 3 on a field trip somewhere so Shaboom and I could do stairs, a walk and talk.

She did stairs in a dress and flip flops.

On our walk we went by a little cupcake shop.
We didn't get any that day but they are pretty.

She finally got to see Porto's. She ordered a fruit cup and we decided to share a chocolate croissant.

We ordered sandwiches. Hers had cilantro. I love cilantro but it is her kryptonite.
She ate half of my steak sandwich instead.

Back home we had a little bubbly water with lemon.

We made plans. (I love plans) She's coming over again soon.
Then she was gone. Off to another friend's house.

I'm worried about Shaboom. She doesn't eat unless someone feeds her.
I DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT. It makes me want to feed her. I know she's stressed out about Swim Swim. He broke her heart. Betrayed her. But she still loves him. I rescued a puppy with eyes like hers once.
I think I have to adopt her.


  1. mmmmm... cupcakes! oh, and puppies are a lot of hard work! :)

  2. I wish I only ate when people fed me...that would be awesome! LOL I love that Shaboom did stairs in a dress and flip flops. I'm surprised she wasn't smoking a cig as well. She probably didn't sweat either!

  3. You're right. She didn't sweat! I need to get a dress and flip flops.