Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 77 from France:
The Grill Master

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris SoCal...

ManEater and I made a fish dinner last night with a side of edamame and rice, just the two of us. It was very romantic. Then we watched half of the first season of Glee. I might be addicted.

I worked a really long, hard day with meetings that ran late and nasty clients who would normally stress the heck out of me. But I'm not the boss, just a hired hand on this project. It's kind of nice not having any responsibility. It's amazing that when I leave work, I'm done working. I kind of like this new me. The old me was way more OUT OF MY WAY COMING THROUGH 3 cell phones ringing at all times while I eat, drive too fast and text furiously at the same time. The new me is way more laid back, like Karen. Easy breezy, right?!

I went to Karen's for dinner. Her hubby barbecued for us and it was AWESOME. Hallelujah for chicken wings. I totally giggle whenever her hubby is around. He's such a DUDE. "Look at me. I'm a dude. I make stuff in my garage. I play golf. I am the grill master."

He is also very honest and direct - very admirable qualities. "Wait, SwimSwim told you move to France and said everything would be fine? Yeah, he totally wanted to break up way back then, he just didn't have the balls to do it."

From the look on her face, I think if Karen had been sitting closer to him, she would've kicked him under the table. It's okay Karen, I can take it. Where was hubby 6-12 months ago to knock some sense into me? In fact, can I borrow him and just have him follow me around and set me straight for two weeks? Kind of like a DUDE translator...

I also like hubby because he makes sure there is wine in their house when I come over. So thoughtful. I know I live in France, but if ever I came over and there was no wine, I wouldn't go into convulsions or anything. Just a little FYI.

I took the following crappy photos in almost no light with an iPhone. Sorry they suck. I hope Karen took better ones.

I was too lazy to drive back to the beach to ManEater's, so I went to MagicMan's to spend the night. He too is a DUDE. But he is a single dude with no one to feed but himself. Check out what he had for dinner. (I think I might be part dude.)

See you for our breakfast date tomorrow. Magic France Pants!


  1. i think i need a dude translator there is an idea for a book...forget learning a foreign language...i'd be way more into this and it would PROBABLY explain half of what i could never figure out -UGH MEN! it speaks volumes about you that you can come home to LA and find a "job" immediately..GOOD FOR YOU!! that swimswim guy must be the biggest fool EVER!!!

  2. Yes, Hubby is a good Dude translator. And a good host. He was very excited to cook for Shaboom........and give her advice. He loves to give advice. I'm so glad you could take him being "helpful". Not everyone thinks it's charming.

  3. He's very charming. And handsome. And a good cook...