Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Sun Cake!

Karen sends her updates from Burbank, CA

To get this Rocket Birthday Party started, Hubby took 4 to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, so I could decorate the cake.

I didn't really know what I was going to do. Except I had to make it look like this.

Picture from the internet

When the guys got home from the JPL they walked in and saw the cake.

4 gave me a hug and whispered "Mom, you made me the perfect Sun Cake."
Misty eyed, I realized this was one of those perfect moments.
I know in a few years this sweet perfection will probably change, so I'll enjoy it with a sappy full heart.

A few days ago Lisa spotted this rocket stuff and asked if I needed it. I did because I forgot about plates and cups for people to use. Yay Lisa!

Rocket Party favors.

I kept it easy breezy with watermelon, pizza and Sun Cake.

After cake it's time for.........

The water powered rocket!!!
Who's more excited, the kids or Hubby? I don't know.

Of course Aunt Tammy is there with other rockets.

And once the giant water powered rocket gets caught in the tree it's time for the Buzz Lightyear rocket sprinkler.

Shaboom was there to share the day. My family was so excited to finally meet her. Shaboom brought me a size 8 dress with the tags on them. It's kind of tight. Not like the magic France pants. I'll just keep it here in the closet for awhile. Waiting for me.

It was a wonderful day.
A perfect day.


  1. It WAS a wonderful day.
    And a glorious cake.

  2. What a great cake! You're such a good mom!

  3. I'm loving you right now...brought tears to my eyes and a warmth to my heart. Been trhough some serious rough weeks with my daughter (15) and began to feel like a crappy mom. Just now, I had a glimpse of how wonderful I was when she was little and she still let me...then it hit me...I STILL AM a great mom. I just don't get the warm fuzzy's because the things I'm doing now are cakes she'll thank me for in the future. Thanks Karen...and that is one ROCKIN cake!!

  4. Now you're making me cry Zanymad. But in a good way. You are an awesome mom:) I don't know anyone with teenagers that ever got through it unscathed. Thanks for the beautiful lesson. I have to go call my mom now and apologize for my teenage years.