Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 78 - Magic France Pants

Shaboom came over this morning and brought me 2 pair of pants, size 6, with the tags still on them. She bought them online from a fancy shmancy expensive store over a year ago and forgot about them. They are way too big for her so she is handing them off to me for inspiration. They are very cute but not a real size 6. They are a real size 10. Which is why they are giant on her and actually fit me. There is something satisfying about putting on a smaller size. Even if it's a fib. I will definitely shop there from now on. See how that works? It totally works.
My Magic France Pants!

This is fantastic.
And yet...............

I go get the stuff to make the giant Sun cake.

Shaboom walks in and sees the Sun cake stuff.
"But this is not a part of the French Skinny! I would never eat this crap!"
"You're right Shaboomy, but my French lover is super busy and this is a 'sure thing' so get over it and pretend it's from scratch."
It's off to a breakfast date with our friend.
I met this little doggy along the way.

Breakfast was delicious.

And coffee.

My new running shoes:)

Back home I bake a test (fail) round cake for 3's Birthday Party.

It's gonna be a long night.
Big birthday party tomorrow.
But it's okay.
I have the Magic France Pants!


  1. I think my pant size now is "invisible". They are so ridiculous. I"m a four but now they tell me I am zero but trust me honey, I ain't no zero.

  2. Where are you? I can't see you. Are you invisible? Oh wait, you're just a size 0


  3. Those are my kind of running shoes!