Thursday, August 12, 2010

Karen Day 73 - Plans

Finally talked to Shaboom and we have a plan to meet. I love plans. Plans make me happy.

3 is turning 4 soon. It's time to plan the cake. For his first birthday we had a tiki party with more than 50 people. My friend, Kim, made an awesome palm tree birthday cake. It was fantastic.
Birthday #2 - I made the cake. He said he wanted a cowboy cake so I scoured the stores and finally the internet for a cowboy. The cowboy was riding a horse and there was a campfire too.
Birthday #3 - I made the cake. He said he wanted a rocket party and a cake with rockets and astronauts that he could play with after we ate the cake.
After watching way too much Food Network I made this cake.
This involved charts, graphs, a couple trips to Michael's, researching wedding cake websites, one test (fail) cake, wooden dowels and a lot of food coloring. I made the cake the night before the party. I was rushing to get it done so I could go to Jen's for a girl's night dinner. Hubby decided to "help" me by getting the hair dryer out and trying to "help" the frosting dry quicker. When Russia started melting I freaked out. He stopped "helping" me. I repaired Russia and put the cake in the refrigerator. The next morning my little birthday boy woke up at 6:00am and called for me. I told him I had a surprise for him. I led him to the refrigerator and opened it up. He saw this cake for the first time. He looked at me and said "Oh Mommy, it's just perfect for me."
Those are the moments my heart breaks with goodness. Later that day he got presents and had an amazing day with his friends and family. But this was my gift to him.

So, what to do this year?
3 and I walk to Porto's and talk about it. I had decided to just get a cake from the Bakery and have it be easy breezy. (Because that's how I am.) We got to Porto's and saw the beautiful cakes. They are so much more professional than mine. They probably taste better too. It will be so much easier. 3 sees a cake he likes and we now have a plan. Why do I feel so sad?

I eat a chocolate croissant and a half of a hot ham and cheese croissant.

When we got home I realized I had forgotten to turn over the calendar. There is a picture of last years cake on the calendar. 3 looked at the picture of the cake from last year and asked if I could make another one. But The Sun this year. One that looks like this.

Why did that make me so happy?
Hubby thinks I'm nuts to spend hours on a cake. But I will give it my best because it's fun and I might just get another special intake of breath when my little guy sees it.

3 and I walk to Michael's for dowels. I found my metal flowers from last year.....
During my 40 flights of stairs I plan the cake.

Croque monsieur for dinner. I am reenergized.

I have a new plan!
Did I mention how much I love plans?