Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 81 from France:

sends us her update from Paris SoCal...

I have a new Sunday night tradition since I've been back in LA. ManEater and I go to James Beach for cocktails. Last night was low key. We ran into her chef friend who is in love with her. He was there last Sunday as well.

All of a sudden, I spotted a handsome tall drink of water at the end of the bar with a black leather motorcycle jacket with a white stripe down the sleeve. I asked Chef if he knew if Stripes was single and non-stupid. Chef had just met Stripes but said that he seemed intelligent. So I asked our girlfriend the bartender if she knew anything about Stripes' situation. "OMG!" she exclaimed. "I wish I was attracted to him because he is PERFECT!"

Turns out he is a professional screen writer, owns his own house in Santa Monica, has never been married, no kids, and is educated, natch. Bartender said something to Stripes and it seemed like an eternity before he came over to me and we spent the rest of the night talking.

I NEVER see a guy out in public, much less a bar, and feel that immediate attraction. I couldn't believe that I was talking to this 6'5" sexy smarty-pants AND IT WAS INTERESTING! Within the first 5 minutes, when he realized I live in Paris, he started speaking fluent French to me! We spoke exclusively in French the rest of the evening and ignored everyone around us.

He went to high school not that far from where I went to high school, he was an athlete (hence the body,) fell in love with a French girl and moved to Paris where he became fluent, writes screenplays here in California, is not a drug addict or an alcoholic and have I mentioned how handsome he is? I think I'm somewhat obsessed.

At the end of the night, I did something I never do. Unprompted, I gave him my number and I said, "Listen, I like you. You are interesting. I would love to see you again. Here's my email and phone number. Contact me sometime if you want."

We'll see if he calls.

Today, I spent my morning at The Apple Store AGAIN. Ugh...

Love cute computer geeks.

The Chef had ManEater and I over for dinner. It was delicious. I did my best to ignore the Laker game that was blaring from the tv.

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